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Finding Good Neighbors

Let’s face it, the average renter doesn’t stay in their rental home forever, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make some friendships that might last forever. While some renters shy away from getting too close to those around them, making friends with your neighbors is not as hard as it seems. Plus you never know […]

Ready, Set, Move!

So you are thinking about moving? Overwhelmed yet? Between packing, finances and finding the ideal place, moving can be quite the task. So, before you take a step forward get an accurate assessment of what it would take to move and then make a plan of action. Organize You Home Before a Move The number […]

5 Reasons to Rent in Blue Springs, MO

We have several properties available for rent in Blue Springs, MO. And if you’re new to the area, or never really considered living in Blue Springs, here are five of our favorite things about the area: 1. Blue Springs, MO has Great Schools The public school district in Blue Springs, MO is one of the […]

Just Married and Renting | Why Newlyweds Should Rent Their First Home

Ahh.. the engagement news has spread to all your friends and family and now the hustle and bustle of wedding planning begins. But what about a house? Where will the two of you live once you are married? For newlyweds these days, renting is one of the best ideas out there! Why Renting May be […]

Things to Consider Before Signing a Lease On Your Rental Home

So you’re looking for a rental home! If you’ve never rented before, or been out of the game for a while, here are a few things we’d suggest you look at when searching for a new home. We’ve been in the landlord business a long time and seen the good, bad and ugly when it […]

What Do I Need to Apply To Rent A House?

You’re in the market for a rental home! Congratulations! Finding a place of your own is a great feeling. We often come across renters who don’t know what they’ll need during the application process. Because we take very good care of our properties for rent in Kansas City, we have a thorough application process. This […]

Carpet Stain Removal Guide

So say you’re renting a home and then it happens. The sippy cup of grape juice explodes. Your husband tracks in mud. Your wife’s hosting a dinner party and drops the plate of bruschetta. Or even just plain and simple, you accidentally stain the carpet. Especially when you’re in a rental home, this can be […]

Staying Warm at Home in Kansas City

Temperatures went from about 60 degrees to 40 degrees the other day. Leaves blanket the lawns. And talk of the first frost, and even snow flurries fills the radio airwaves. Cold weather season is here, Kansas City! Some of the winter weather elements may not be so fun to deal with (we don’t know anyone […]

Renting A Home in Kansas City? You’re Not Alone.

We always love a good article with updates on the renter’s market in our economy. As a rental property owner in Blue Springs, MO, I’ve also seen a surge of interest among people interested in renting a home rather than buying a home. Renting has some obvious advantages over buying right now – with two […]

Hang Photos on your Rental Home’s Walls

If you’re like many renters, you want to make your rental home, rental townhouse, rental duplex or apartment feel like home! Often times your lease will state that you need to avoid painting the walls, and include other criteria for renting that discourages holes in the wall or other remodeling projects that alter the property […]