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The Art of Picture Hanging

When it comes to decorating our homes, many of us would rather keep blank walls than deal with the headache of hanging art. The whole process can be a hassle as you measure, position, level and hammer, all the while knowing that you could very well be putting the nail in the wrong spot. And grouping objects? How […]

Decorate For Fall | Rental Property Decorating

There are a few things that are absolutely amazing in Kansas City: The Country Club plaza – especially at Christmas time. BBQ Fall weather There’s something about the crisp air, smell of bonfires (yes, even in the city!) and the blowing leaves that makes fall a great time in the Midwest. We get relief from […]

Hang Photos on your Rental Home’s Walls

If you’re like many renters, you want to make your rental home, rental townhouse, rental duplex or apartment feel like home! Often times your lease will state that you need to avoid painting the walls, and include other criteria for renting that discourages holes in the wall or other remodeling projects that alter the property […]