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Finding Good Neighbors

Let’s face it, the average renter doesn’t stay in their rental home forever, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make some friendships that might last forever. While some renters shy away from getting too close to those around them, making friends with your neighbors is not as hard as it seems. Plus you never know when you just may need a spare cup of sugar!

Finding a good neighbor starts with being a good neighbor.

Why is it that when the words rentals and neighbors go together they are usually followed by something negative? Having good neighbors and being a good neighbor is actually more attainable than you might think.

Finding a rental in an area that meets your needs and fits your lifestyle will most likely give you neighbors who share common interest. The key is finding a quality rental property in a good community.


To find out what type of community is in the area you are interested in, try driving by the rental property during the day and during the night. Driving by the property will give you a feel for what the neighbors are like when the sun is up and down. Are there a lot of people outside? Is it noisy at night? These are the types of questions you will want to ask as you observe the people next door to the possible rental.


A good property manager will fill their rentals with people who are reliable. The easiest way to research a rental property and property manager is to go online and look for reviews on your potential living space.

If you do a drive-by look at the rental you can also try talking to some of the neighbors if they are out and about. Don’t be shy, ask about the area, the schools and even ask if the street is heavily trafficked. Introducing yourself to a potential neighbor can help you get a jump-start on a quality friendship.

Move-In Manners

Once you have decided on the perfect rental property take the time to get to meet your neighbors. Meeting your neighbors, even if you find you don’t have a lot in common, can help you better communicate with them if they do turn into the feared noisy neighbors.

Be Considerate

When you move in try to be conscious of not becoming the noisy neighbor yourself. To find good neighbors, you first have to become one. Before blaring your music or vacuuming out your car at midnight, think about those around you. Remember that when it comes to meeting new people, often times your actions speak louder than words.

Getting to Know You

After you have settled in start making an effort to get to know your neighbors. Getting to know your neighbors can be as easy as talking to them when they are outside, bringing cookies (or other tasty baked goods) to their door and introducing yourself or even just a friendly wave and smile when they pass by. How you choose to interact with them is all about your comfort level, but the key is making some sort of effort. Your little bit of effort can go a long way in establishing a healthy neighbor-to-neighbor relationship.

As you are looking for your ideal rental property keep in mind who you want living around you. Do your research and make an effort to become a good neighbor even before you move in!