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Hang Photos on your Rental Home’s Walls

If you’re like many renters, you want to make your rental home, rental townhouse, rental duplex or apartment feel like home! Often times your lease will state that you need to avoid painting the walls, and include other criteria for renting that discourages holes in the wall or other remodeling projects that alter the property and put your security deposit at risk.

One great way to make your rental property feel like your own is through wall hangings! By hanging photos, frames, artwork and other items on the walls, you can transform your rental space into a home and make it fit your own style and decor. Thanks to recent technology including strong stickers and an array of products like hooks and organizers, you can now hang almost any item on your wall without a hammer and nail, making your job easier and your landlord happier!


Hang frames in your rental property to make it your own!

Command Products for Damage-Free Hanging

The most popular brand on the market for damage-free wall hangings are Command products. Command makes a full line of products such as wall hooks, damage-free picture and frame hangers, organization products for jewelry and keys, and even cord organizers.  Command products can be found online, or also in most major retail stores like Target and Walmart.

Command products work through an advanced technology that allows you to stick a hook, frame, or any other organizational product onto your wall through a strong sticker, yet easily remove it when you need to move, or redecorate. The products are designed to give you a secure way to hang items on the wall, yet remove them easily, too.

Get Ideas for Picture Hanging in your Apartment

Not only does Command offer some great products so that you can hang pictures in your apartment or rental home, but they also give some ideas about how to hang pictures and decorate a room. From themed decor such as Halloween parties to home office and kitchen ideas, check out their site for ideas on how to use Command products to set up each room of your new home!