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Things to Consider Before Signing a Lease On Your Rental Home

So you’re looking for a rental home! If you’ve never rented before, or been out of the game for a while, here are a few things we’d suggest you look at when searching for a new home. We’ve been in the landlord business a long time and seen the good, bad and ugly when it […]

What Do I Need to Apply To Rent A House?

You’re in the market for a rental home! Congratulations! Finding a place of your own is a great feeling. We often come across renters who don’t know what they’ll need during the application process. Because we take very good care of our properties for rent in Kansas City, we have a thorough application process. This […]

Hanging Stockings In Your Rental Home with Care

And the stockings were hung with care…. Kind of hard to do if you’re in a rental home, huh? Well, if you’re trying to figure out how and where to do stockings this year, here are a few ideas for you: Hanging Stockings In Rental Homes With a Fireplace The obvious location for your stockings […]

Carpet Stain Removal Guide

So say you’re renting a home and then it happens. The sippy cup of grape juice explodes. Your husband tracks in mud. Your wife’s hosting a dinner party and drops the plate of bruschetta. Or even just plain and simple, you accidentally stain the carpet. Especially when you’re in a rental home, this can be […]