Homes For Rent

What Do I Need to Apply To Rent A House?

You’re in the market for a rental home! Congratulations! Finding a place of your own is a great feeling.

We often come across renters who don’t know what they’ll need during the application process. Because we take very good care of our properties for rent in Kansas City, we have a thorough application process. This ensures that we’ll have good residents in our rental homes. And for you – that you’ll have trustworthy neighbors.

If you’re getting your papers in order, here’s a quick cheat sheet on what we need in order for you to apply to rent on of our Kansas City homes. Please download the forms to apply from our website.

Application Fee

We charge a $30 application fee for each applicant, which must be paid before we process the application. This fee is non-refundable.

Phone Numbers, IDs and Income Sources

We will request a copy of your driver’s license, phone numbers and income sources when you apply to live in one of our properties. If you’re self-employed, we’ll need the last 2 year’s income tax returns to verify your income.

Information about your Vehicles

We’ll need to know what you drive – and any other vehicles you plan on having at your place like boats, ATVs, etc. No unlicensed nor inoperable vehicles are permitted at this time.

How We Qualify Those who Apply To Live in a Wiesemann Property

You will qualify based on your income, credit history and rental history (or home ownership.) We require that applicants earn a minimum of three (3) times the rent to live in one of our Kansas City homes for rent.

If you’re approved to live in one of our homes, the security deposit is required within three (3) business days. We won’t remove the open property from the market until the security deposit has successfully been processed.

We can’t wait for you to find your home sweet home!