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Renting A Home in Kansas City? You’re Not Alone.

We always love a good article with updates on the renter’s market in our economy. As a rental property owner in Blue Springs, MO, I’ve also seen a surge of interest among people interested in renting a home rather than buying a home. Renting has some obvious advantages over buying right now – with two being commitment and price. As pointed out in this article about the renting market, renting is not a long-term commitment. Also, if you don’t have the funds for a 20% mortgage down payment, renting may be a more affordable option, too.


Renting a multi-family unit like this one in Blue Springs, MO might just be the best option for you right now.

I’ll let you read the article in full if you’re interested, but as a rental property manager, here were some points that really stood out to me that the author makes:

  • There are 51.3 percent more new multi-family rental units than last month
  • New buildings with two or more apartments surged to 223,000 annually, according to the Census Bureau.
  • Housing experts say renting allows the flexibility to move around the country easily and go where the jobs are.
  • If you expect to move in less than five years, renting almost always makes more sense because it’s hard to recover the up-front costs, like broker fees and closing costs.

Renting for the Short-Term

I especially agree with the last statement, which was a quote in the article by Barbara Corcoran, a New York real estate expert. It works the same way in Kansas City rentals as it does anywhere else – long-term plans really do matter. Sure, buying a home in an economy with rock bottom mortgage rates may be a great thing – for those who can afford a down payment, have good credit, and plan to stay settled for a while. However, for those not sure of long-term plans, those who need time to repair their credit, or even save for a home purchase – renting might just be the best thing. And by the looks of it – you’re in good company.