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Hanging Stockings In Your Rental Home with Care

And the stockings were hung with care….

Kind of hard to do if you’re in a rental home, huh? Well, if you’re trying to figure out how and where to do stockings this year, here are a few ideas for you:


How to Hang your Stockings with Care in your Rental Home

Hanging Stockings In Rental Homes With a Fireplace

The obvious location for your stockings are near your fireplace. After all, that is where Santa will be spotting them first thing. To avoid nailing your stockings in the wall, you could try a few of these ideas:

stocking-holder-no-holes-in-mantleBuy a Stocking Holder to Sit on your Mantle

These have become really popular over the years. Decorative stocking holders can sit atop your mantle, and require no nails and hammers. They’re great (as long as you don’t have young children who could possibly pull them down and get injured.) Stores like Hobby Lobby even run Christmas decor at 50% off sales through December, so you can get one that fits your style, at a great price.

Use a Command Adhesive Hook for your Mantle

We’ve talked about the great Command adhesive hooks for hanging pictures on your rental property walls before – and they can really help out with your Christmas decorations, too. Command makes several hooks that can hold even up to 5 pounds, so go ahead and fill those stockings!

Use a Mantle Hook

This line of products offers more decorative options for hanging your stockings if you don’t want to use a plastic hook. They have sheik metal ones, as well as ones that look like candy canes.

DIY Stocking Hooks

If you’re super crafty (or have a big family and can’t afford stocking holders for each person) – check out this idea on how to make your own stocking holder for less than $2! Great idea!

Hanging Stockings In A Rental Home Without A Fireplace

So, if you find yourself in an apartment or rental home WITHOUT a fireplace and aren’t sure where to hang your stockings, you can get creative!

Place them Near Your Entertainment Cabinet or Table

If you have a decorative table in your entry way, or even a TV cabinet, you can hang them off of there. The non-stick adhesive Command hooks can do a great job here, too. Some people hang them directly on the wall, others have used the ledge of a bar, fish tanks, chair rails, etc. You use what you have!

stocking-on-curtain-rodUse a Curtain Rod

Another idea is to hang stockings off of a curtain rod, to display them in the window, if you don’t have a mantle.You can hang them high, or even suspend them to the middle of the window.

Hang them on the Back of Chairs

A fun way to decorate with stockings if you don’t have a mantle is to hang the off the back of each person’s chair around the table. This can be used with some ribbon so you don’t damage the chairs. It’s even a fun way to add a unique “place card” to each person’s spot throughout the holidays.

Hang them on Bedroom Doors

Last, you can always hang the stockings on bedroom doors. You can hang them throughout the month to show anticipation – or you can even leave them on the door handle the night after Santa visits so it’s a early morning Christmas surprise!