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Five Reasons to Get Renter’s Insurance

Watch the news long enough, and you’ll soon see a story about an apartment or rental property that caught fire. In today’s world, it’s too risky to rent a house or apartment in Kansas City and not have renter’s insurance. Setting up renter’s insurance is the responsibility of each tenant, and it is very important. While all renters are not required to have insurance, each landlord encourages tenants to get renter’s insurance. Here are five reasons we encourage renter’s insurance:


Renter's Insurance will protect your belongings in case of emergency

1. It’s Cheap to get Renter’s Insurance

Renter’s insurance is relatively affordable. It’s literally only a few cents each day when you add it up, and it can help protect your belongings inside of your rental home. Each person needs a different amount of coverage based on what you’ll be keeping inside of your rental property. Your rate will depend on where you live and the value of your belongings.

2. Your Landlord’s Insurance Doesn’t Cover Your Personal Belongings

As a landlord, we have insurance – but we only cover insurance for the property buildings. We don’t carry insurance to protect your belongings as a renter. That would be impossible to keep track of, nor is it our responsibility.

3. You’re Covered in the Event of a Fire, Flood or even Theft

If someone breaks into your rental property, or if your home catches on fire or has a flood, renter’s insurance will protect your belongings. While you may not get your things back, renter’s insurance will make sure you are compensated for your loss.

4. Renter’s Insurance Could Save you Money On Other Insurance

Several insurance companies will offer a discount on your other policies if you have several “lines” of insurance with them – meaning your car, house (or rental), life, etc. Ask your insurance company about a discount when you sign up for renter’s insurance.

5. You’ll be Ensuring Security For You and Your Family

If you’re renting a home in Kansas City and get renter’s insurance, you’ll be providing safety for your family. You’ll prevent potential losses and have an accurate assessment of the value of your belongings. This will set you up to be protected in the case an emergency does come your way.

Need a Renter’s Insurance Recommendation?

If you’re in Kansas City and need a referral for renter’s insurance, contact us at Wiesemann Properties. We work with hundreds of renters, and many insurance companies, and can point you in the right direction to being safeguarding your belongings.