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Decorate For Fall | Rental Property Decorating

There are a few things that are absolutely amazing in Kansas City:

There’s something about the crisp air, smell of bonfires (yes, even in the city!) and the blowing leaves that makes fall a great time in the Midwest. We get relief from hot temperatures. And we get excited about the upcoming holiday season.

Decorating Your Rental Property for Fall

Not only are fall activities fun, but many enjoy decorating their homes for fall, too. If you’re in a rental property in Kansas City, you might be looking for some ideas for decorating your space with fall-themed decor. Here are some easy ways to decorate your apartment or rental town home for fall:

Put a Pumpkin on your Porch… or your back deck.

If you’re really feeling adventurous, carve it!


A pumpkin on your porch, or even your back deck, is an easy way to be festive!

Get some Mums for Containers.

This is a great way to add in fall colors. Containers make it easy to decorate in rental properties – they aren’t permanent fixtures. If your mums will be in the shade, make sure to buy some that have already bloomed.


Mums come in all sorts of fall colors

Add Fall Accents to End Tables and Furniture.

Another easy way to add fall-themed decor to your apartment or rental home is to add home accents on the tables. This will allow you to get fall items out, but avoid putting holes in the walls or doing anything permanent.


Candy Corn in a vase, surrounded by candles, is a great fall accent


Great way to add fall accents to the fireplace.


Green apples make a stunning, simple fall center piece

These were just a couple of easy ways to spruce up your Blue Springs rental property for fall! Anyone else have great ideas for decorating a rental space for fall?

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